Project 9T

During the last 5 years Justified has enjoyed designing and producing quality apparel reflecting your identity and how we live your life.

As with all great companies we are responsible for our actions and the carbon footprint we leave behind.

Today the US purchases 400 percent more clothing than we did 20 years ago, largely because of the dropping cost of fashion. Along with the increased consumption Americans are tossing approximately 82 pounds per person of unwanted clothing into our landfills annually to the tune of 11 million tons from our country alone. Most of these textiles aren’t biodegradable, which means they sit in landfills for at least 200 years.

They say with knowledge comes power.  At Justified we felt we had the power to make a difference by looking inside our own warehouse walls and production line.  To created/develop a program that was easy and would be sustainable for a long lasting impact.


What if we were able to give our t-shirts a second life?

How it works:

PROJECT9T works by collecting Justified t-shirts every 90 days from customers.  Justified will transform the gently worn garments into all-purpose, unique one of a kind totes for the gym, grocery store or favorite beach. Each customer return will be accompanied with a 30% discount off their next order. This collaboration allows Justified to continue repurposing while keeping your closet stocked with the latest Justified fashions. Each tote will be offered within the online store for $9.


Join us and help give a t-shirt a new life and purpose while preserving our planet.


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