Customer Service

At all times Justified will keep any personal contact information provided to us through our website, via telephone or by fax confidential. We do not under any circumstances share the information of our customers with any other companies. We also DO NOT store your credit card number or other information on our servers.  The credit card information is forwarded in an encrypted format to our credit card processor at the time of your order.  After the order is complete, the information provided is no longer available on our servers.  In order to assist you when inquires are placed by you about a particular transaction, we do store only the last 4 digits of the card number and the type of card used (visa/mc/amex). 

We do use cookies and other technology to keep track of your transactions.  The information provided to us will be used only by Justified to provide the requested products. We may use this information to personalize our website and how we communicate with you. We also use the information you provide us to help enforce our terms and conditions, to prevent fraud, and to keep our website safe.  If you have any questions on our privacy policy please contact us directly: customerservice@justifiedcultures.com or call 928-750-7945.


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